Welcome, Phi Theta Pi

We are a select group of international business and finance professionals from one of 50 chapters across North America. Phi Theta Pi has over 22,000 brothers who enjoy professional connections and fellowship together.

We are an Honors Fraternity. Therefore, we set a higher standard for membership. This revolves into a higher graduation rate per university standards and a better prepared graduate for the workforce. The college experience within the fraternity is designed to create professional development for tomorrow’s leaders. Traditionally, these characteristics lead to better career opportunities. 

Phi Theta Pi members are recognized… by professors, university administrators, and colleagues during their educational development as well as at graduation. We are neophytes in all that we do; but always place emphasis on sharpening and honing our skills.




Brothers of Phi Theta Pi are stewards of quality fellowship and create opportunities for wide and wise human service.

“This organization has brought me some of the best friends and family that I will have for the rest of my life. Men that I admire and respect on levels it hard to put into words. So many before me have set the table for what I am able to enjoy now. it’s been an absolute pleasure and honor to have joined this organization and to be able to serve it going forward. I thank each and every person that came before me and all those that are still to come. If you want true brotherhood, this is where it is made.”
Sean Szpak

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