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The benefits are endless. Every member is given an opportunity and exposure for skill enhancement by being a member of our professional organization.

Interested in starting a chapter? You will need several prospective members, a sponsor, and to submit a completed application below. The guide to starting a chapter may be found below.

Find out more of what it means to be a member of Phi Theta Pi by checking out our international by-laws, found below. Learn more about what is required of you as a Phi Theta Pi member by taking a look at our general policies and procedure manual, found below.





Post bid acceptance all new members are required to complete a probationary period. Phi Theta Pi has a no hazing policy. This includes learning the principals, expectations, and conduct of Phi Theta Pi. We also cover the importance of academics, community, university service and commitment to the organization.

Benefits of Membership

Our brothers firmly believe in an improved college experience by surrounding themselves with men who challenge, mentor and befriend them. All our members get opportunities for personal and professional growth by learning Robert’s Rules, how to conduct business meetings, and how to speak in public.

Building a Chapter

Download our Chapter Guide Here

International By-Laws of Phi Theta Pi

Download our International By-Laws Here

General Policies and Procedures Manual

Download our Manual Here

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